Installing a new elevator in your building without a elevator is much easier than a modernization project. It is often difficult, difficult and difficult for users to install a lift in a building without a lift. However, Arılift Systems has lifted hundreds of houses without elevators every year and completed their installations with minimal impact to residents and guests. Remember, Arılift will provide the most suitable solution for your building's architecture and usage needs of our customers.

No matter which of our machine-roomless elevator solutions or elevator solutions that require very little headroom and well space, you can have the widest possible cabin space, the highest energy efficiency and a modern interior design to fit your building.

Arılift Elevators with Very Little Space for Well

It is constructed as a solution for buildings where the elevator shaft is extremely limited. It is also a very cost effective solution, as it requires very little installation work.

Arılift Elevators With External Elevator Well

In buildings that do not have sufficient space for elevator installation, the elevator shaft is mounted on one of the outer walls of the building. It has many different cabin designs, superior cruise comfort and excellent eco-efficiency.